A passionate graphic designer that loves people and creativity.





I help non-profit organizations, companies, studios and single clients to develop communications by designing all kinds of deliverable, from flyers and cards to annual reports and interesting presentation decks in order to take them to a new design level, reaching a much broader audience.


I am a Graphic Designer, but with a bachelor degree in Architecture I bring a different perspective and rich way of thinking to the table. I think the project as a whole, which is why I love to create brand identity and cross platform communications. I also care for social and environmental issues of our world and would like to dedicate my energy to produce work while sharing a point of view.


I developed a report project for the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, part of University of Toronto. The U of T project’s principal investigator mentioned that the outcome was great, that the layout connected with the community and that the content was fun to read. She mentioned that I will be the first choice of Graphic Designer for her future reports.