Book Covers


The book covers were selected based on my personal taste. They are incredible stories from Brazilian and international writers.


•  To use the book story as inspiration for the new cover

•  To give the cover a contemporary look, engaging a younger audience

•  To increase sales of these incredible stories


To bring key elements from the story itself to the cover, in a way that represents its overall mood.



The first two books are stories from Camilo Castelo Branco, they are old romantic novels about love and desperation. They follow the same layout structure as they are part of the same book collection.

The third book is The Revenant, the book that inspired the famous movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. The story is about feelings of revenge and loneliness in the frozen lands of the north.

This last book cover is about the Brazilian Netflix series called The Mechanism, that shows the corrupt government and the struggles from local police to discover illegal activities. It's a very intricate and elaborated story based on real facts.


What: Redesign of Book covers
Who: Old books and series I feel needed a redesign
When: 2020
Industry: Editorial Design

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