Amparo Gonzalez is an oil painting and sculptor artist based in Toronto, Canada. She discovered her art late in life, which was never an issue with the artist because she now lives her retirement days working with her expressive passion.

The name and expression of an artist


Business card 1

•  In the artistic business it's preferable to make the artist name memorable, not a logo, so the first challenge was to develop a stylized name that represented her art;
•  To design a personal, artistic and unique business card.


I used a sculpture on the front of the card with her name and contact info. On the back, I used a full painting with her name in display size. Her name needs to be known and linked to the art, and it is important to show it on both sides. I styled her name in a clean, elegant, handcrafted way.

Business card 2



Three business cards that showcase a different painting and sculpture on each card.

Business card 3


How: Freelance project
What: Artist's name & Business Cards development
Who: Amparo Gonzalez (
When: 2019
Industry: Cultural

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