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Email Campaign & Social Media Strategy - Product Launching: Ard Collection


Sitti Social Enterprise, as any other small businesses, faced challenges during the 2020-2021 pandemic situation. As a way to create stable income for it's employees, also because these refugees are dependable of their work income, they are self-reliant, but the company need to have a stable influx of capital to maintain all artisans employed full-time.


•  To create a very focused email campaign around the new soaps launching;
•  To have a strong design, showing an unified brand, that would strongly connect with audience;

•  An email flow with minimal CTA, that would increase sales during the 2021 Holiday Season.


Image manipulation with Photoshop, original digital illustration for each new soap, background colour pick from brand colour palette and soap highlight tone.



The BOGO campaigns were developed with the digital marketing coordinator directions, is a campaign focused on the gifting and sharing sentiment that is rich during the Holiday Seasons, and it was designed to engage with audience and encourage them to try new products. Buy one and get another One is a great deal that allows the consumer to try the new soaps themselves white gifting someone they LOVE!



This is a quick look on a 1 year social media planning that I made for Sitti:


How: Part-time employee.
What: Email Marketing
Who: Sitti Social Enterprise
When: 2021
Industry: Branding - Marketing

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