Aerial dancer folding resume


Carla Carrion has been an aerial dancer for the past 5 years in Brazil. She has a BS.c in Physical Education from one of the best universities in the country, and also studied yoga and circus techniques. She has a studio in Brazil, where she teaches children, adult and seniors on how to keep their bodies strong through a mindful exercising approach. During the month of September, the city of Ilhabela, in São Paulo's coast, hosts a cultural and artistic week where artists can present their abilities in different scenarios for the general public. Because of the pandemic lock-down, the government decided to substitute the traditional event by an online grant competition event, whose goal was to help the best 150 artists that reside in the city.


1111-TODA ARTE-Video-CAPA.jpg

•  Creation of a resumé as a folding brochure;
•  Production of 3 videos for the competition;
•  Development of 3 videos cover pages based on the aerial dance presentation.

Video covers


To mimic the movement done during the aerial dance using the brochure's fold movement. To select enriching elements that would convey the surprise feeling that is experienced during these presentations.


An interesting 3-fold brochure that contains the artist’s resumé. Production of 3 videos with cover and dramatic music.   The client won the government grant; she ranked 20th best artist.


3 fold brochure



How: Freelance project
What: Online folding brochure and video clips
Who: Carla Carrion – Aerial Dancer
When: 2020
Industry: Educational, government grant competition