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The book was created for the course: Brand new Brand, part Graphic Design Specialization program, made by COURSERA, in partnership with CALARTS, California Institute of the Arts.

Brand Development Guide pages


This project is the culmination of the Graphic Design Specialization and gives an opportunity to tie together all your knowledge and skills into a single project: a brand development guide for my fictitious company called FigureActive.

A secondary research was made to define the brand look and feel. Contemporary black and white photos were selected as background for the brand logo, icons and mark.

Brand Development Guide pages


For this project, I went through the entire design process, from ideation to creation to presentation. Through the guide, the idea is to create and give a visual identity to an your company, an imaginary start-up, and to apply that visual identity to a number of forms and applications. As part of the process, studies of typography, colour palette, logotype development, mark and icon to visually represent your company.

Brand Development Guide pages



The outcome is a playful but mature brand called Figure Active. This brand was developed to be a website, an online magazine or blog, that provides content about everything that is about active figures or images, even figurative. I could show an article with tattoo tendencies, architecture, illustration, street art, realistic monochromatic drawings and graphic design between others. The targeted audience is the creative and inventive minds out there.

You can check the online project in this address:

Brand Development Guide pages


How: Course
What: Brand Development Guide
Who: Thais Juliana de Barros, owner of the channel: Thais J Educação e Psicanálise
When: 2019
Industry: Educational

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