Website Design - Fraternity Without Borders - CA


Fraternity Without Borders (FWB-CA) is a non-profit volunteer-run organization whose aim is towards solidarity, charity and, as the name of the organization implies, to promote universal fraternity. They operate in some of the poorest places on the planet, with hope and strong desire to relief suffering build a peaceful world.


•  To design a website and facilitate the organization's vision: To be nationally and internationally recognized as a serious, solid, transparent and effective humanitarian organization with clear goals and objectives, focused on attending to and promoting the social and economic development of children and young people in our projects, working to transform today's youngsters into practitioners and multipliers of the universal fraternity.
•  To connect with audience in order to increase project engagement and donations;

•  To present the Canadian independently-run branch as an unified organization with the branches from Brazil, UK, US between others.


This website was created as a pro-bono work, part of a designer volunteering position in 2021. This project was developed during a 2 months time span from idealization to final approvals and I was responsible from project conceptualization to finished product. I started by using the global FWB brand color palette and typeface to create a first approach for the project pages, a flow that would be duplicated an used for any other project page in the future. The content organization from Home page throughout was studied with the marketing officer, we select the best imagery to illustrate the organization's mission and values, and gathered the necessary information from project managers to present the 3 projects in a clear and engaging way.

HighlightsArtboard 1 copy 14_4x-CIRCULAR.png
HighlightsArtboard 1 copy 15_4x-CIRCULAR.png


The project pages are focused on storytelling and impact, and a unique link CTA button placed in two moments that takes people to the donation page. Each project counts with an impact phrase at the header, an introduction to the issue followed by a slideshow with images and key-words, in the sequence we have more information about it's development, an impactful video and closing text explaining what kind of assistance the project needs, with a final CTA button at the bottom of the page.


A website that communicates the organization's mission, vision and values with a colorful and engaging design, through the use of original photography and specific color palette per project page. The main objective was to make all the necessary information about the organization and the projects accessible to the Canadian audience, in a very transparent and visually unified way.



How: Volunteer Designer
What: Website Design
Who: Fraternity Without Borders - Canada
When: 2021
Industry: Branding - Charity