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GBC: A Packaging Exercise


The idea was to create an Exotic Tea product that sells dried fruit flakes for the conscious consumers of our generation. The packaging would be 100% recyclable, minimal use of biodegradable ink for printing, minimal packaging use because the product is sold in flakes, no tea bags so a personal tea infuser is necessary.


•  To create a packaging with illustration
•  To develop an interesting product based on current market trends

•  To design the product marketing strategy based on targeted audience


I designed all 3 products around the use of Guarana, which is a fruit seed from Brazil loaded with caffeine, the first one competitor of Coca-Cola products in the country. All the fruits are natural from Amazonia, and the extraction could be done through a sustainable program with indigenous tribes.

Packaging 1-Core group-final.png
Packaging 2-Core group-final.png

Flavor 1: Guarana + Cupuaçu

The cupuaçu is from the cacao's family, so this tea will have earthy tones but naturally sweet, rich in nutrients, magnesium and potassium and can be used to treat digestive issues.

Flavor 2: Guarana + Camapu

The Camapu is sweet but with a rich citrus flavor, this fruit provide lots of vitamins A, B and C, and is a great antioxidant, being using for cleansing and detoxing reasons.

Flavor 3: Guarana + Mandacaru

This fruit is rich in magnesium and phosphoro. The fruit is from the cactus family, being produced easily and with very low costs, and is great for a sweet and refreshing iced tea.

Packaging 3-Core group-final.png



The exotic tea flavors packaging are fun and interesting, the print is made on raw cardboard on a round profile, it is easily recognizable on the shelves, it connects with the conscious consumers audience that are looking for 100% recyclable materials, zero waste and no additives, free of gluten, non GMO products.


Series front and Back Layout


Each packaging mood and feel.


How: Personal project
What: Digital Illustration
Who: George Brown College - GBC
When: 2021
Industry: Educational - Packaging

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