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U of T Report: Trans Latinas Rompiendo Barreras


[text from the GloMHI website]

The TLRB project was a collaboration between members of the trans Latina community in Toronto, practitioners at the Centre for the Spanish Speaking Peoples (CSSP), students and researchers from the Global Migration and Health Initiative (GloMHI) and the University of Toronto. 

Given the radical forms of exclusion experienced by trans Latina individuals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), this program represents a collective attempt to help with this community resilience through meaningful learning, the promotion of supportive relationships, increased access to resources, and practices of self-care. The project was made up of two main activities, a series of twelve bi-weekly workshops and a monthly self-care and peer advocacy (SPA) drop-in group organized by workshop graduates.


The main request was the creation of a report that would show the workshop process model in detail, as well as the evaluation outcomes, and that could be used both to share information with stakeholders and as a manual by participants of the program.



By immersing myself into the workshop I was able to connect with the client and the targeted audience.

The report’s copy was provided by Uttam Bajwa (Principal Investigator, University of Toronto, Global Migration and Health Initiative) and Celeste Bilbao-Joseph (Community Principal Investigator, Center for Spanish Speaking Peoples Global Migration and Health Initiative).


Logo developed for Self-care Peer Advocacy group, participants of the TLRB workshop.

•  Visual identity, image treatment, logo creation
•  Program report



We wanted the report to feel approachable but also to represent the seriousness of the
content in a way that was respectful.

The colour palette was directly inspired by the transgender community flag in order to represent the targeted audience: light pink and blue along with white, dark blue and grey. We placed solid color backgrounds to separate content flow and sub-chapters. The hand print mark idea came from direct observation of the actual workshop process, when the participants were asked to draw their hand on a piece of paper and draw some elements on it, as part of their healing process.

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Report pages


How: Freelance project
What: Digital report - Trans Latinas Rompiendo Barreras (TLRB)
Who: Dalla Lana School of Public Health
When: 2018
Industry: Educational, Public health project, Social Impact

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