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Sitti Social Enterprise is a women-owned, conscious lifestyle brand committed to the self-reliance of refugees and displaced communities.


Their main products are:

1 - An artisanal soap bar made with pure olive oil

2 - A wood dish sourced from Gaza

3 - A loofah scrubber made from the zucchini plant

Sitti’s Surprise Subscription Box is a quarterly surprise package. This first box includes 9 products from women-owned brands they have partnered with (Nomz, Paume, Teasetea, Three Ships, SA Creative Agency, Keep Leaf, Bogo Brush, JingWell and This Bag Helps) in addition to 3 signature Sitti Artisan Full-Sized Products.

While the artisans are located in the Jerash Refugee Camp, in Jordan, the management and most of the communications team are located in North America (USA and Canada), targeting the North American, European and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) markets.

A subscription box that empowers women-owned businesses while creating a stable income for refugee communities

Website novo-Projeto-SITTI-header-01.png

Tissue Wrapping Paper Design


•  To use a themed commissioned illustration across multiple platforms

in a branded way, while showcasing the company goals and values for this first subscription box;
•  To design a box packaging that will connect the customer with new brands based on specific themes, every 4 months.

Mailer Design

Social Media Graphic Layout


A Palestinian illustrator created a unique drawing which shows a diverse group of women on a garden with warm colours. This matches what the company wanted for its Women-Owned Brands theme.


I created the marketing graphics by adapting this illustration to make it work on multiple platforms. The elements inside the box are also branded within the selected theme. The booklet and wrapping paper both show different aspects of the illustration, turning the unboxing experience into a beautiful journey of discovery and surprise. The booklet was developed with the guidance of Sitti's CCO Jaqueline Sofia, while Sitti's CEO Noora Sharrab helped with the box layout and outside label.


Subscription Box Booklet Layout


The results of this project are a comprehensive branded strategy applied across multiple communication platforms, from digital to printed assets including zine layout (booklet), packaging, graphics for ad campaigns and web design.

Check this package assembling video by @sittisoap


Subscription Box picture by Jiali Ou


How: Permanent Part - Time
What: Subscription Box Edition Theme - Women-Owned brands
Who: Sitti Social Enterprise
When: 2021
Industry: Health & Wellness - Beauty / Sustainable Economy