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Sitti Catalogues - Different approaches for different audiences


Sitti Social Enterprise, as any other small businesses, faced challenges during the 2020-2021 pandemic situation. As a way to create stable income for it's employees, also because these refugees are dependable of their work income, they are self-reliant, but the company need to have a stable influx of capital to maintain all artisans employed full-time.


•  To use a new brand guidelines to create series of unified Catalogues covers;
•  To decide document flow strategy based on 4 different audiences and context;

•  To tell the story behind each Catalogue, why they are important in the broad Company context.


With the help of the Marketing Coordinator, the company's CEO and CCO, I developed these 4 Catalogues in sequence, all in 2021, depending of the time of the year and the product focus that the marketing strategy selected as most important at that moment. Sitti hosted a series of branding photoshoot for each one of the Catalogues and these documents were reviewed by the International Advisory Board Member: Karen Linehan Mroz who is specialized in Languages, Cultures and World Affairs (LCWA).



The results are 4 mature and comprehensive Catalogues that present the vision, mission and values of Sitti in 4 different and interesting ways. Each one curated to a specific audience and shared as a Marketing tool to reach a broader sales pool.



How: Part-time employee.
What: Digital Illustration
Who: Sitti Social Enterprise
When: 2021
Industry: Editorial - Branding

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