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Kinetika: Brand Identity


Kinetika is a non-profit organization founded by Elizabeth Salas (former Pro Volleyball athlete, earned a PhD in biomechanics from York University) and Sokol Hakrama (former Pro European Volleyball athlete with a BSc in Physical Education).

Their mission is to teach active biomechanics for injury prevention and athletic performance to children & youth, through innovative exercise programs, while increasing accessibility through partnerships with local schools and communities.


•  Full Brand Identity
•  Logo and mark design

•  Website platform creation for online courses sales targeting athletes and coaches


I started by researching the sports industry and concepts involved in the field. Biomechanics is traditionally divided into the areas of kinematics, which is a branch of mechanics that deals with the geometry of the motion of objects; and kinetics, which is the study of the relationships between the force systems acting on a body and the changes it produces in body motion. 

colour palette-04-04.jpg



The logo itself was based on a type of biomechanical study called motion analysis or gait analysis, which uses computer technology to replicate the body's movement by placing sensors on articulations and building the stick man model on the screen.

I composed the colour palette with fresh and elegant color combinations. Starting with the neutral tones like black, white and shades of grey, and then the selection of 3 accent colours: the coral, lime and navy blue.

Looking for a geometric and elegant typeface, we opted for using the regular Josefin Sans for Kinetika's name, and all primary text would use League Spartan which is a strong, modern and also geometric typeface. Typography wanted to represent strength, trust and elegance, concepts that resonates with athletes high performance movements.

Kinetika full name black .png

Full logo

kinetika logo 4.png

For the mark, we looked for an elegant and playful visual. The capital K with the dot brings the idea of a person with a ball, like a football player.



Kinetika has an online platform that provides knowledge, courses and consultancy to coaches and athletes. I designed main pages and templates used in this platform that is available in Spanish. All new presentations, webinars and collaborations were developed with the new brand guidelines created during this process.

Conadeip Talk Day 1 - lower body(4).png
Conadeip Talk Day 1 - lower body(1).png
Conadeip Talk Day 1 - lower body(2).png

Presentation pages for Conaideip

kinetika website view 1-17.png
kinetika website view 3-14.png

Webdesign Page Samples

Website Home Video Creation


How: Design Consultancy
What: Full Brand Identity, Web design, Video Editing
Who: Kinetika – Elizabeth Salas
When: 2020
Industry: Educational, Marketing

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