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Infographic: Beeing in Harmony


[text from the George Brown College website, course Data Visualization and Infographics]

The sea of information available to us today is overwhelming, and it can be a struggle to separate the signal from the noise. The course teaches how to work with data to communicate and present information more effectively.


The selected theme was Bees and Honey production, an interesting field of study due to climate change and their colonies spread out acrosss the American Continent.

The main challenges were:

•  Locate, gather data from reliable sources and prepare data sets for visualization;
•  Communicate data and information effectively by creating intuitive visualizations that leveraged the principles of visual perception and storytelling;
•  Write a clear data visualization plan. To develop a vertical layout with colour palette, typography and imagery, in accordance with its targeted audience.


While learning principles of information visualization, I gained hands-on experience on the process of leveraging data to tell compelling stories. During this infographic development, I had the opportunity to experience visual communications in action, the design thinking behind complex graphics creation, I got a taste on how to work with data, learned where to find reliable information, how to process it and how to use in a narrative format.



The result is an engaging and informative graphic that tells the story of the bees' declining colonies. I chose the USA as my case study, and showed:


* why the colonies are disappearing there;

* how climate change and mono-cropping can make ecosystems unhealthy for bees;

* how it affected the country's export and import behaviours for the past 60 years, and;

* how we can prevent this decline other countries.

Full Infographic

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Full Infographic


How: George Brown College student
What: Course - Infographics and Data Visualization

When: 2020

Industry: Information Design & Marketing

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