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Infographic: Beeing in Harmony


[text from the George Brown College website, course Data Visualization and Infographics]

The sea of information available to us today is overwhelming, and it can be a struggle to separate the signal from the noise. The course teaches how to work with data to communicate and present information more effectively.


Each student had to select a different theme to research and to represent by an Infographic format. I decided to talk about Bees and Honey production, as I find it a pressing issue in the world today.

The main challenges were to:

•  Locate, gather data from reliable sources and prepare data sets for visualization;
•  Communicate data and information effectively by creating intuitive visualizations that leveraged the principles of visual perception and storytelling;
•  Write a clear data visualization plan. To develop a vertical layout with colour palette, typography and imagery, in accordance with its targeted audience.


I had to learn about principles of information visualization and best practices, and gained hands-on experience in leveraging data to tell compelling stories. During the process I had the opportunity to experience the difficulties of working with data, where to find reliable information, how to process it and how to use it to tell a story.



The result is a warm infographic that tells the story of the bees' declining colonies. I chose the USA as my case study, and showed:


* showed why the colonies are disappearing there;

* how climate change and mono-cropping can make ecosystems unhealthy for bees;

* how it affected the country's export and import behaviours for the past 60 years, and;

* how we can prevent this decline other countries.

Full Infographic

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Full Infographic


How: George Brown College student
What: Course - Infographics and Data Visualization

When: 2020

Industry: Marketing

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