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Vermillion Skye - Canadian Rock Band


Vermillion Skye is an art-rock group from Toronto, Canada. Compelling lyrics, progressive time signatures, and passionate performances distinguish this guitar and keyboard-oriented progressive rock quintet from their peers. Anchored by a powerful bass and drum duo, propelled by arresting keyboards and guitar, the band’s multiform style – on stage or recorded – unmistakably stays true to the credo of classic rock. Wide-ranging influences such as The Alan Parson’s Project, Yes, Genesis and The Cure account for the band’s tight, precise musical style that is, on one-hand, technically complex, yet delivers fresh and energetically original music highly accessible to any listener.     Fans of these musical genres will not be disappointed.

The band name came from a poetic way of saying Red Sky which                                                                  is a sign, either good or bad depending on context:

Red Sky at night sailor's delight,

Red Sky at morning, sailor take warning.


•  Logo creation for a Canadian progressive rock band

•  Logo applications on T-shirt

•  Creation of 2021 new album cover (in process)


The logo design aimed to represent these key words: transcendence, time suspension, instrumentation and philosophical.

The typographic selection was based on music style. For the band's name a display and vintage font that would evoke medieval connotations: regular Dyer Arts and Crafts typeface, and for the album title a brush script like an old penmanship calligraphy style: regular Alex Brush.

Colour palette decided by the client for this album release:

orange, black and white.



The logo is circled by the band's name, resembling old

wax letter stamps, an element from the same time period of castles, medieval dynasty and the Holy Grail story.

Logo element: hour-glass shape with V and S shape in positive/negative space and stars on a sky background.

As can be seen below, the band's name and logo were also used in the design of t-shirts.

T-shirt Art for Print-page 9-white backg

Band's new logo.

T SHIRT 1-19.png

T-shirt front.

T SHIRT 2-19.png
T SHIRT 3-19.png

T-shirt back 1.

T-shirt back 2.

Album Cover


The cover conceptualization was based on new album's lyrics.



What: Re-brand of rock band's logo and new album cover
Who: Vermillion Skye band
When: 2020
Industry: Brand identity, logo development

Logo, images and design: Copyright      2020 Vermillion Skye.

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